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Transparent Butterflies PET Stickers | 40 pieces

Transparent Butterflies PET Stickers | 40 pieces

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Bring your creative projects to life with our set of 40 clear PET butterfly stickers. These lovingly designed stickers are ideal for bullet journals, diaries, scrapbooking, photo albums and cards and offer you 20 different designs with two stickers per design. With high quality materials and vibrant colors, these stickers will add a touch of magic to your creations.

Choose from different set combinations to put together the perfect ensemble for your individual needs. The sticker sizes vary between 40 and 50 mm, so you have the right butterflies at hand for every project. Let your imagination run wild and give your projects a unique touch with our set of 40 transparent PET butterfly stickers.

Product Details:

  • 40 pieces of transparent PET butterfly stickers
  • 20 different designs, each represented twice
  • Sticker sizes between 40 and 50 mm
  • Ideal for bullet journals, diaries, photo albums and cards
  • Various set combinations available
  • Quality materials and vibrant colors
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