Entdecken Sie PET Tapes: Das Must-Have Zubehör für Bullet Journal und Scrapbooking

Discover PET Tapes: The must-have accessory for bullet and junk journaling enthusiasts

Bullet and junk journaling have become increasingly popular in recent years as they offer a creative way to capture memories, organize thoughts and express one's personality. While washi tapes have long been the go-to choice for these hobbies, a new product is gaining traction: PET tapes. In this blog post we introduce you to PET tapes and explain why they are the perfect accessory for your next journaling project.

Advantages of PET tapes:

  1. Transparent Overlap: Unlike washi tape, PET tape is transparent, which makes it easy to cut and place figures. Because they can be easily overlapped, you can worry less about precision and focus on your creative design instead.

  2. Highly Detailed Art Styles: PET tapes allow for a greater variety of art styles and designs. Because the print is more durable, the colors and patterns of your PET tapes will last longer, so your journal or scrapbook will look fresh and vibrant for years to come.

Where to buy PET Tapes in Europe?

Until now it has been difficult to find PET Tapes in Europe, but we have good news for all journaling enthusiasts: Galaxie Symphonie now offers a wide range of PET Tapes in different designs, colors and styles! We are proud to offer you this innovative and versatile option for your journaling and scrapbooking projects.

PET Tapes are an exciting new product that can take your bullet and junk journaling creativity to the next level. With their transparency, durability, and variety of art styles, they make a great addition to any journaling project. Visit our Shopify store today to explore our range of PET Tapes and get inspired by the possibilities!

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